Air Filtration and Poution Control Equipments

Air Filtration is an important aspect of the Lead Smelting Plant without which it is not feasible to carry on the process in Green concept. Smelting as we all know is a direct burning process of Raw material and highly heated flue gases are made to go out of the Furnaces. These gases are handled through the series of equipments which acts as a barrier and doesn’t allow the harmful components to get out of the stream.

Air Filteration Equipments Pollution Control Equipments

Company is also providing Turnkey solutions exclusively in Air Filtration or Air Pollution Control. These systems comprises of Settling Chambers, Cyclones, Bag House and Scrubbers as the major component. Once that the gases are filtered and treated they are discharged to the atmosphere through a stack.

Bag House Filtration

Bag House Filtration is a necessary part of today’s Industries. Baghouse is a generic name for Air Pollution Control Equipment (APC) that is designed around the use of engineered fabric filter tubes, envelopes or cartridges in the dust capturing, separation or filtering process.

Bag houses are the system which can be engineered for almost any dust producing application under almost any set of circumstances. Because of the wide range of available fabric filter media, the baghouse has proven that it will remain a prime player in the worldwide quest for cleaner air.

Similarly Bag House Filtration is essential part of any Lead Recycling / Smelting Industry. Gravita is providing Baghouse after intense design and consideration of their applications from plant to plant.

Pulse Jet Cleaning system is one of its automatic feature that assures Pollution free Lead Recycling.

Bag houses are flexible in many ways:

  • They can come in almost any size to suit an available location or process.
  • Their ability to work in almost any reasonably dry dusty atmosphere is remarkable.
  • There are many available parts or retrofits available for almost any make or model.
  • They can withstand a lot of abuse and still carry on operating within design specifications.
  • There is a large array of filter Medias available to suit every type of process.
  • Most baghouses are only limited by operating temperature and chemical conditions.
  • Overhaul costs are relatively cost effective if the machine is serviced on a regular basis.
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